About Us

Providing an accessible AI/ML
solution to
businesses worldwide

LinkBox is a revolutionary Israeli-based start-up company that enables organizations to seamlessly and easily adopt real-time and non real-time insights using machine learning capabilities

Founded in 2020, LinkBox has developed and successfully deployed exclusive models in many enterprises across different industries. After years of experience in leading software companies, our team of experts has identified the complexity involved in big data analysis and a growing need for accessible machine learning solutions.

In simple terms, we understood that companies were simply drowning in data. Many organizations are facing an overwhelming stream of data from multiple sources that is simply impossible to process and analyze.

We decided to develop a proprietary AI platform that is especially designed to assist organizations in processing vast amounts of data, reaching fast insights and supporting business decisions.

Our customized solution allows our clients to leverage the power of real-time machine learning, using it to enhance and optimize business activity. Using augmented analytics, it seamlessly connects to databases and delivers unique insights. It substantially reduces costs and automates data science, while eliminating the difficulties and risks involved in incorporating machine learning into existing products.

After years of experience in software companies and varied enterprises, our experts have identified the complexed process in big data analysis, followed by high costs and missed business targets. Our challenge was to find the best solution for companies who hold those big data sets. This is how LinkBox platform started to grow to what it is now - an advanced platform using Artificial Intelligence, allowing companies and organizations to make smart business decisions in seconds and boost their business potential.

Making the best out of tomorrow’s technology, today