How it works / Data security

Your security is
number one concern

At LinkBox, we take security concerns very seriously

We have an in-depth understanding of the need to maintain the highest standards of data and information security while adapting to constantly changing regulations. Find out what we do to ensure the safety of your data and our platform at all times.

End-to-end security

LinkBox maintains end-to-end data security standards, ensuring that our customers are always compliant with local and international regulations. We take many steps to protect our customers from accidental as well as malicious security breaches, employing numerous security measures including advanced firewalls, antiviruses, encryption mechanisms and specialized security systems.

LinkBox’s servers are, of course, fully encrypted (ssl), and communication security is maintained using VPNs.

In addition, we perform regular internal security tests, making sure that our measurements are fully effective.


LinkBox maintains strict compartmentalization in every aspect of our operation. Each customer has a designated, fully segregated storage space, which is kept completely separated from other customers’ information.

Client data is never copied, stored or used for any purpose other than creating the specialized data models and predictions. It is continuously self-hosted in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

When data is no longer needed, it is immediately destroyed. Customers always have full control over which data is used by the LinkBox platform and can choose to exclude specific information that is deemed too sensitive.

Data Warehouse

Data is stored on 3 different file storages in AWS. the first is storing data which is encoded and normalized, the second uses formulas for normalizing data, and the third features the keys. This combination allows us to divide and conquer safety for our users.

Model usage

To guarantee privacy and data security, customers can deploy models on their own premises using an exclusive, secure platform. They can decide if they prefer to use models as a standalone procedure or as part of an ongoing process that will enhance the ML capabilities and result in increasingly accurate predictions.

Access to data

Access to client data is limited to authorized personnel only and can be adapted according to customers’ compartmentalization system. We employ an abundance of security measures to prevent unwanted actions of unauthorized users, and access is restricted using specified usernames and passwords.

The LinkBox system employs extensive internal self-monitoring and all login attempts are saved for future review.