How it works / Solution

Harnessing the power
of machine learning and AI

In simple terms, LinkBox is designed to turn complex
big data analysis into a simple, quick process

It allows businesses to transform their data and variable connections into insights. It does so by harnessing the power of real-time machine learning and AI, using it to optimize and maximize business performance. It also makes the analysts’ life much easier by assisting them in making business decisions in seconds.

This is how the Data Augmentation Self-Serve Platform works:

1 Client’s data is inserted into the data augmentation box

2 Data is analyzed and the connections between problem variants and target functions are calculated

3 We show you target data insights (interactive)

4 The platform learns and provides a prediction model API

5 The platform continues to learn

Let's take a closer look

Loading data

Datasets are loaded directly into the LinkBox platform or streamed from any data streaming platform (e.g., S3 or Azure, SalesForce, Tableau) using specialized connectors. Data is automatically inserted, cleansed and stored in the platform’s Data Engine, completely independent from the originating cloud provider. Once stored, the dataset is ready to be analyzed and used.

Data analysis

The LinkBox platform’s Algorithmic Engine automatically scans the loaded data using the smart feature selection. It locks on the main parameters, their influence and how they correlate with the desired output, as well as with each other. Small batches of the loaded data are used to train several machine learning algorithms, picking the one with the best results. The process is done automatically, in real-time and in a matter of minutes.

Automated insights

The LinkBox platform returns quick insights about the problem’s heavy paths, highlighting weak points and strong points. The automated insights are interactive and easy to read. They tell the analysts not just what they want to know but, more importantly, what they need to know.

Deploying and embedding

The resulting model is deployed immediately by the Algorithmic Engine on cloud. Real-time predictions are available when data is presented. The predictions can be viewed in the platform UI or accessed via API, which is embedded as part of any external solution.

The model selected by the LinkBox platform continues to learn, train and cautiously adapt to changes in the incoming data in real-time. It keeps providing new KPIs as data changes. Hyperparameters can be changed by the Algorithmic Engine to ensure high prediction rates or a switch to another algorithm which better fits the new data.

Complex data made simple

The LinkBox platform has a comprehensive dashboard that clearly presents information regarding the success of the different algorithms, parameters and ongoing training status. It also provides the users with the ability to drill down into the model to understand and explain how the predictions are made. The dashboard allows for sandbox experiments, testing offline to validate and check predictions before going online.

Thanks to the platform, clients can:

Understand their data variables better

Gain immediate, valuable business insights

Easily view problems, decisions and cutoffs

Identify weak and strong points

Conduct decision analysis

Rank features

Engage in Problem Dimension Reduction

Test assumptions within the platform or using APIs