The LinkBox platform

Revolutionizing business intelligence
through augmented intelligent analytics

The LinkBox platform uses ML/AI capabilities
and statistics to automate data processing and extract
quick, valuable insights

Analyzing the last 45 days, it highlights only the important, valuable connections between variables while disregarding the rest, and then chooses and implements the best-fitting model out of hundreds of options. By doing so, it saves numerous analyst work hours, provides a better understanding of data and substantially shortens the time to insights.

The platform seamlessly connects to customer’s data (BI stack, Tableau, Sisense, Google Data Studio or even an Excel file) and selects the optimal method according to the data structure and business goals. No coding is needed, and deployment is completely automatic.

How do we do it?
The short answer is augmented analytics, a new rising power in the field of business intelligence. In essence, augmented analysis employs ML/AI capabilities in conjunction with statistics methods to bridge the gap between the vast amounts of big data and human ability to process it and gain insights.

Want the long answer? Find out how it works

A new reality requires
a new approach of predictive analytics

Today’s world is overflowing with big data. As endless high-dimensional information continuously streams in, data is becoming wider, richer and more complex. As a result, analysts struggle to analyze data and meet business goals.

This new and intensifying challenge requires an innovative, new approach that shortens the process, reduces data complication and extracts insights. It frees the analysts’ time since they are no longer required to code models and analyze dimensional relations.

The LinkBox platform identifies the best methods of statistics and machine learning model out of hundreds of pairing models to form a shorter path to your question. It saves hundreds of work hours, reduces operational costs and enhances business performances.

Platform highlights

No code needed

Fully automated

Low touch

Data variable connections

Reducing data cardinality

Quick, readable insights

Continuous learning

Easily define your KPIs