Turning BI into AI

Transforming complex data into a 5-click solution,
simplifying the analyzing process

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A new reality requires
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The LinkBox platform uses ML/AI capabilities and statistics to automate data processing and extract quick, valuable insights. Analyzing the last 45 days, it highlights only the important, valuable connections between variables while disregarding the rest, and then chooses and implements the best-fitting model out of hundreds of options. By doing so, it saves numerous analyst work hours, provides a better understanding of data and substantially shortens the time to insights.

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Harnessing the power of machine learning and AI

In simple terms, LinkBox is designed to turn complex big data analysis into a simple, quick process.

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About us

Providing an accessible AI/ML solution to businesses worldwide

LinkBox is a revolutionary Israeli-based start-up company that enables organizations to seamlessly and easily adopt real-time and non real-time insights using machine learning capabilities.

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What our customers
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"We selected LinkBox Real Time autoML platform as it allows us to be agile, efficient and lean, By eliminating the bottlenecks in the process. Our business team can explore, experiment and deploy multiple new models for multiple business needs and use cases in minutes and immediately track the business results."

Yaniv Gross

Linnkr, CEO

"When We started to work with Linkbox our optimization efficiency increased by 30%. We are happy with the way the platform simplifies problems modeling using Augmented Analytics. It helps us to better understand our data variables' correlation and gain more visible and easy insights on how we can aquisite more Gaming Users and what are the best traffic sources to work with with less budget spend."

Erez Mishli

Moonee, Co-CEO